The Leading Edge

Lasting six to twelve months, The Leading Edge is a rigorous 1:1 leadership development program for high performing, high potential managers (newly-promoted or recently-hired) who seek stronger leadership skills, resulting in greater effectiveness, higher productivity, and more career opportunities. Prior participants include managers who demonstrate the following qualities:

  • High performance (exceed delivery expectations)
  • High potential for growth and advancement
  • Newly-promoted
  • Recently-hired
  • Newly-transferred

Results You Can Expect

  • Client-proven program that clearly and conveniently helps you, a new or recently-promoted manager to identify your core leadership strengths and gaps.
  • You discover that Leadership Development is NOT a one-time classroom event but a series of steps which can be accelerated with an experienced guide, one who challenges and supports you in realizing your career goals.
  • You feel more motivated and excited at the chance to truly become the leader you seek to be.

5 Steps to Success

Using online communication and 360 tools, we identify each individual manager’s strengths, limitations, blind spots, and development opportunities. In many cases, we also shadow you for four to eight hours to learn more about your management style and how you approach problems and people on the job.
Here we work together to customize a Leadership Development Plan that best fits your needs, consistent with your company’s strategic direction and goals. The outcome is the Leadership Development Plan Presentation, which you deliver before your manager, peers, direct reports, and key stakeholders.
Coaching is a team effort. Not only do we work directly with you 1:1 but we also ensure that your reporting manager participates. The result? Over time, a stronger WIN — WIN — WIN relationship for you, your manager, and your company.
Through regular communication (email, online, phone and 1:1 visits, we measure your progress. We work with you to identify both internal and external opportunities that meet different learning styles and time commitments.
Six to eight months after implementing your plan, we conduct a follow-up assessment of key actions, outlined in each manager’s development plan, using mini-360s, peer feedback, customer responses, and reports from senior managers. Performance change takes place when you hear and see positive results and receive praise. All of these tools cement desired changes, leading to higher performance and bottom-line results.

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