Larry Ferguson

Larry Ferguson of 360 Compass Consulting Group

During my 25+ year professional career, I’ve worked in a variety of positions and settings — clinical social worker for two mental health clinics, sales rep for a telecommunications company, and later a medical laboratory. In addition, I’ve served as a training and organizational development specialist for a large healthcare Corporation, an Internet technology company, and later a health insurance company.

Today, I own and manage Ferguson Leadership (a division of Larry Ferguson & Associates, Inc.), where I assist new managers and teams in Oregon, Washington, and California to realize higher-quality results in less time. I offer clients and intact teams consultation and resources to achieve their goals by first creating action-focused development plans. I then work diligently with them to define measurable outcomes that document application, business impact, and Return on Investment (where required), while holding them accountable for their goals and desired outcomes. I’m skilled and experienced in 1:1 leadership coaching, conducting training programs, and facilitating workshops as well as retreats. This broad skill set allows me to readily adapt to my clients’ varying needs and objectives.

Outside of my consulting and coaching, I’ve been involved in several leadership positions with volunteer and professional associations Boards.  Among them, I’ve served as the President for a local Toastmaster club as well as President of a nonprofit volunteer board.

Currently, I live with my wife in Portland, Oregon, our home for over 30 years. When not actively involved with business, you’ll find me riding in a number of organized long-distance bike events (50 to 200 miles) or flying with fellow pilots, enjoying the beauty of the Pacific Northwest from 5,000’ up.